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Gems Abacus & Vedic Maths is India’s fastest growing abacus education centre. Gems Abacus & Vedic Maths has a talented team of abacus experts and is headed by dynamic leadership with years of experience in education arena. The gifted team has trained thousands of students in this unique mental math technique. Read more...
Edappal P.O, Malappuram, Kerala
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Abacus is the most ancient tool used for the purpose of calculations. It is one of the most important calculating devices invented for the calculation purposes. Abacus is a simple device but throughout the timeline it has proved to be an important instrument of economy. It is a true assistant for anyone who wants to perform his calculations very quickly and with full authority. Read more...


We have designed our course structure in such a way that it never disturbs the regular study time of the student. Our aim is to supplement the regular syllabus of the student. Keeping this in mind, the class timings and course duration has been aptly designed. Read more...

  • Helps to memorize information for exams
  • Helps to remember very long numbers and equations
  • Helps to Improve Concentration
  • Better Grades in School
  • Enhanced Problem Solving Skills
  • Amazing Computational Ability
  • Discipline, Patience and Mental Endurance
  • Develops Memory Power, Speed and Accuracy
  • Superior Concentration, Observation and Listening Skills
  • All-round Academic Proficiency
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